The GS-ED-60-50 SideDozer is a one of a kind machine.  Designed to fit most current and older models of Skid Steer  loaders.

Older Models may require some custom brackets to mount.

The SideDozer has many application possibilities. Because of its compact size and maneuverability of the skid steer, clearing under guardrail has become safer(unit quite often does not go beyond the berm into the traffic lane), faster ,and more operator friendly (remains seated while in operation).  This adds up to less cost per mile of under guardrail cleaning for State Entities, Utilities, and Contractors.

The GS-ED-60-50 Sidedozer was designed with the DOT’S in mind and has been improved by help and ideas of some DOT’S.   The GS-ED-60-50 SideDozer is also designed for utilities, landscapers, plumbing contractors, and others as a cost savings tool for their operations.



Standard Unit requires quick hitch head on skid steer.

Push Cylinder

  • 60″ Stroke Double Acting Cylinder
  • 2- ½ ” Bore Barrel
  • 2″ Nitride Rod

Slope Tilt adjustment controlled by Double Acting 10″ cylinder

  • 1- ½ ” Nitride Rod
  • 2 – ½ ” Bore Diameter

Cylinders are designed for operation with LOW FLOW hydraulics only

Push Blade

  • Standard ¾” x 8″ x 50″ Curved Grader Blade
  • Larger push blades available upon request


  • Required Dual remote 4 way valves or single remote with a solenoid operated selector valve

Hydraulic Requirements

  • 18 GPM at full RPM and 1200 PSI

Overall Width with cylinder retracted is 92- ½ ”

Weight of base unit is approx. 1200 lbs.

Options include:

  • Fasse Valve Kit – easily switch between functions from operator’s station when skid steer only has two hose quick connects at end of lift arms
  • Bobcat 7 pin Canbus Adapter, Various Make 8 pin and 14 pin Harness Connectors – Allows for use of existing skid steer electrical harness and buttons saving the running of extra wiring to connect to the Fasse Valve
  • Hinge Block Skid Shoe – Adds a skid shoe under the hinge block to save possible berm dig in and help avoid damage to the hinge block
  • Weld-On Chain Hooks – 2 weld-on chain hooks welded to the unit. Makes it easier to hoist the unit by chain and move around when not connected to the skid steer
  • 48″ Tube Marker Kit – 48″ Orange Marker mounted to the main tube making it easier to reference Slope Tilt and location of the main tube
  • Custom Paint – Unit comes standard painted black with yellow extension tube. Custom Paint includes but not limited to Yellow Unit and Extension Tube, Turnpike Orange Unit and Tube, Dark Green Unit and Tube, and many more options/combos.